DiscusGold Museum - Discusgolfmusem.com and Mike Doran are a total Scam

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Discusgolfmuseum.com and Mike Doran are a total Scam. You can find the profane, psycho, nut job Mike Doran at theis address:

Disc Golf Museum

1425 Angelina Bend

Denton, TX 76205

His Phone Number is: 940-368-7677

You can contact him directly to let him know that he and his company are a bunch of psychotics that become very obseesed with vedettas over anything. Do not give them your personal information as they will stalk you. Also, he made numerous comments to me that made me believe that Mike Doran is a Flaming ***. When I talked to him on the phone, he said he and his "boyfriend" would like to come over and visit one day. I found that to be very inappropriate and scary.

Review about: Discus Golf Museum.

Monetary Loss: $1000.


Mountain View, California, United States #917510

As far as the excellent positive feedback on ebay uuhhh congress kinda found them guilty of phonying up and fixing all those ratings. Yeah something like that.

Colleyville, Texas, United States #781764

Disc Golf museum rocks! I have met Mike Doran and done plenty of business with him on ebay and his website in the past.

He has 100 percent positive feedback on ebay I he is very friendly and has great prices on his website. The real nut job is Keith Titus aka mark aka 1brian1 and many more aliases. I looked him up and he is slandering Mike Doran with ridiculous lies. If you google his name or his business simplydiscus.com you will see he is being sued by Fed-ex, his consumers, and the list goes on.

He sells fish online and steals peoples money and then if you complain he slanders your business with lies. What a pathetic soul.

Keep up the good work Mike! The disc golf community has your back!


discgolfmuseum sucks


I purchased a $450 disc golf basket from Mike Doran at Disc Golf Museum and received it with no problems. He even had it shipped directly to me to save me shipping.

He and his friend gave me and my spouse lessons at a local disc golf course, and there was no inappropriate behavior. Based on my experiences, these allegations against him do not seem credible.


This is Mike Doran form the world famous Disc Golf Museum. The real crazy person is Keith Titus that works for Somethingsphishy.com I bought some fish from his website and got ripped off big time!

When I complained about poor quality fish he flipped out! He even hinted that he still had my financial info! LOOK UP KIETH TITUS OR HIS WEBSITE on any complaint site or any fish forum and it is easy to see who the nut job is. He used Brain as a fake name.

Check the Better Business Bureau and so you see his F rating. Hundred of people have had to deal with this evil person. Now its my turn. Obviously if you know me or my company www.discgolfmuseum.com then you know I am a great trusting person.

There is no they to my company so he is obviously full of it with EVERY WORD! I run my company all by myself with no employees. And as most of you I have a girlfriend and kid. So look up Keith Titus and google somethingsphishy.com complaints and see what you find.

Then do the same thing with my website and see what you find! It will be easy to see who the crazy lair is.

Gifu-Shi, Gifu, Japan #257036

The correct Company URL is Discgolfmuseum.com. they are phychotic, luntic fringe.

Stalkers!!!! :upset :x

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